silicone cooking tool

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The siliconeuse’s cooking tool contains a silicone muffin pan, silicone spatula, silicone brush, silicone cooking utensil, silicone egg cooker and etc. They are 100% food grade can resist high temperatures. They are easy to clean by manual and dishwasher.

Our factory can print LOGO on silicone products or packaging boxes for OEM / ODM orders and accept small batch wholesale and retail, direct ex-factory price. Also, in Europe, North America, Oceania orders FREE SHIPPING when Order up to $199. Africa, South America orders FREE SHIPPING when Order up to $299.

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100% food-grade silicone

Our silicone cooking tools are made of 100% food-grade silicone. This is most important as a cooking tool. These silicone cooking tools are non-toxic, free of BPA. They are safe to contact the foods even at high cooking temperatures. Such as the silicone baking mat and molds. They are safe to use in the baking oven.  And the silicone spatulas are perfect to use together with non-stick pots. They won’t release harmful substances when cooking.

Resist high-temperature

The silicone cooking tool can resist a large range of temperatures -40 ~ 230 ℃. It’s safe to use in the oven and microwave. There’s no smoke and odor when cooking at high temperatures. The silicone is safe to contact the food. They won’t release the harmful substances when cooking at high-temperature.

Tough, flexible and long-lasting

The silicone cooking tool is made of high-quality silicone, they are tough and flexible. Like the silicone spatula, they can be used to stir the foods in hot pans, but the flexible edge won’t hurt the non-stick pans. The silicone baking mats are reinforced by high-quality glass-fiber, they can reuse for thousands of times.

Non-stick and easy to clean

We have skillful high-glossy technology to produce silicone products. The silicone cooking tool is non-stick. Like the silicone baking mat and molds, they are extremely easy to clean. So very convenient to use.

We are a skillful silicone factory, can provide you stable quality with cost price. Tell us your samples or image with the specification, we can make 3D design, mold tool, and make samples for your approval. Then do batch production at cost price. We will provide excellent OEM/ODM services.