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Silicone straws made of 100% food-grade silicone are durable,It does not contain BPA and is approved by the FDA,They are food-safe materials that protect our health,Our factory can print LOGO on silicone straws or packaging boxes for customized OEM / ODM orders and accept small batch wholesale and retail, direct ex-factory price.

Our factory can print LOGO on silicone products or packaging boxes for OEM / ODM orders and accept small batch wholesale and retail.


Flexible and bendable silicone straw. We can fold and pack them in the portable case for travel, they are convenient to bring in the pocket.
Silicone portable straw is slender at suit length 9.8inch 250mm to drink in 20oz, 30oz tumblers, or bottles.
The soft and tough silicone straws are durable and reusable, a perfect alternative to disposable plastic straws, to win the growing market.
There’re different kinds of cases available for choose: Capsule Case, Paper Box, Carton Box, Paper Bag, Linen Bag, OPP Bag, PP Bag and etc.
High-temperature resistant material, easy to clean, safe to disinfect in boiled water, steam and microwave, keep clean, and protect health.
Chewable silicone, protect kids’ mouth. The durable straw won’t drop small pieces, and won’t release harmful substances.


1, Fashion Appearance

The silicone straws have straight and bent shape, they use food-safe colorful material. The fashion appearance silicone straw instead of the traditional plastic straws. The high machine strength molds make normal size silicone straws as follows.

The silicone straws can be made of hundreds of colors, selected on the Pantone colors.

2, Food-Safe Material

Chewable Silicone Straws Protect The Health, The silicone straws are made of 100% food-grade silicone. It’s the food-safe inert material, the baby pacifiers also use the silicone material. So the straws are safe to protect our health. We can use that to drink hot drinks and also cold cola. Some people even have a taste for chewing straws. Especially for our children, we should give them safe straws for drinking.

3, Durable

Difficult to broken or falls off small pieces when been bitten. The straws are waterproof, easy to wash in the dishwasher, disinfect in the steam, and boiled water. It a good drinking tool to protect our health.

Silicone straw is durable, won’t leave a tooth mark on it and keep original perfect appearance after chewing. After use, just wash the silicone straw carefully and disinfect with boiled water or steam to keep clean.

4, Reusable Silicone Straws And Eco-Friendly

Silicone straws are made of high-temperature-resistant food-grade silicone. The silicone can be used many times, easy to clean, save the material, and protect our earth.

5, Foldable And Portable

The silicone straws are foldable and portable. When folding completely, It can save space to store in a small plastic box, we can put it in bags or pockets.


We have different kinds of packing to meet wholesale or retail demand.

Capsule Case
Paper Bag
Paper Box
Carton Box
Linen Bag
OPP Bag, PP Bag

Welcome to tell us about your packing demand.


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