Silicone Kitchen Utensils

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Silicone kitchen utensils of siliconeuse include silicone spatula, silicone pot holder, silicone brush, silicone mat, silicone gloves, silicone lids and etc. They are made by 100% food-grade silicone, FDA approved, resist large range temperature -40~230℃. Silicone kitchenware is easy to clean, safe in the dishwasher, oven, microwave.
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Types of silicone kitchenware

Resist large-range temperature -40 ~ 230 ℃
Flexible and heat-resistant
100% food-grade silicone, protect the health
Durable and flexible, easy to clean

Silicone Kitchen utensils are flexible and resist high-temperature. The silicone spatulas are perfect to use in the non-stick pans. The silicone bags and lids are very durable as kitchen storage tools, they are reusable and food-safe,The silicone gloves are durable and can resist high-temperature. We can use the hold hot pans, dishes, and do the washing manually. The silicone kitchen utensils are more and more practical, due to the obvious advantages.
Advantages :
Food Safe Silicone
The silicone kitchen utensils use 100% food-grade silicone, they are non-toxic, free of BPA. The silicone spatula, silicone baking mat, silicone bags, and lids will touch the food when using them. But silicone is safe, won’t release the harmful substance and odor to food. They can resist high-temperature, so even hot food is also ok. And we can use the boiled water or oven to disinfect them. These silicone utensils are safe kitchen tools to protect our health.
High temperature
The silicone kitchen utensils can resist large-range temperature:-40~ 230℃. We can use the silicone bags to store the foods, soup in the freezer, and also can heating directly in the oven. The silicone spatulas, tongs, brushes, and egg poacher cups are safe to cook food at high-temperature. We can use silicone spatulas instead of mental spatulas. The silicone is more flexible to protect the non-stick pot when stirring the hot foods in it. The silicone gloves are heat-insulation. We can use them to hold hot pots do dishwashing.
The silicone kitchen utensils are made of food-grade silicone rubber, that be injected into a high-strength metal mold. The silicone is an inert material. The one-step silicone product is durable, can reuse for thousands of times.

We have our own molds and product line to ensure quality. The customized silicone product can be processed here and ensure quality.

When processing your bulk orders with large quality, we have an engineering team realize your product prototype. We ensure both your product quality and also the metal mold tool. The mold tool maintenance is very important to meet the production schedule and guarantee product quality.
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How To Use?

Before use, Please clean the silicone kitchen utensils thoroughly and dry them. Like the silicone spatula, silicone food storage bags, silicone lids, we can use the boiled water to disinfect them.
After use, we can use warm water and dishwashing mild to wash them manually. And wash by a dishwasher is also ok. Do not use corrosive detergent or foam cleaning power.
Before storing, please make sure the silicone mold is dry.
It is normal for a few amounts of smell before first-time use. It can be boiled for 3-5 minutes to remove the smell.
Do not use knives or other sharp tolls on the silicone kitchen tools, avoid pressure, and pulling.

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