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Silicone bags made of 100% food-grade silicone are durable, that can replace plastic bags. They are environmentally friendly foldable storage container, popular in the market. Silicone is FDA-certified, BPA free, non-toxic, and resistant to temperatures from -40 to 460°F. Silicone bags can store food safely, seal well, and keep food fresh.

Our factory can print LOGO on silicone products or boxes for OEM/ODM requirement, and welcome batch wholesale and retail orders, direct ex-factory price.
The product features of this column:
1, Reusable and environmentally friendly
We strongly recommend that you use reusable food-grade platinum silicone storage bags for environmental protection, safety lifestyle.

Silicone food bags can be cleaned and reused in comparison to ordinary disposable plastic bags. It’s dishwasher safe and easy to use. Save materials and protect the environment!
2, 100% food grade
The silicone storage bag is made of food-grade platinum silicone and has no padding. The non-void surface can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, which is the primary condition to ensure food safety.

Silicone is non-toxic and contains NO BPA, NO lead, vinyl, PVC, and phthalates. They are safe ingredients for storing water, juice, and fruit in the refrigerator or heating directly in the microwave. They can protect our health.
3, Resist high temperature
The silicone bags can resist temperature -40 to 460 ℉.  So it’s safe to use in the freezer, microwave, and boiled water.

After use and clean, we can use the boiled water to disinfect the bags to keep them clean and protect the fresh food.
We can put some foods into a storage bag and simmering them in a pot, not only keeps the food relatively fresh but also achieves the cooking of dishes.
Microwave heating is also no problem, it can be put into the microwave oven to spin, lock food water, keep food pure taste, and no smell after heating. These directly heating methods all depend on the silicone that can resist large-range temperature.
4, Flexible, tough and reusable
The silicone bags are flexible, tough, and durable. We can use them to store food repeatedly and bring outside

The silicone food bags are flexible and tough. There’s silicone kneading dough bag, we can use them to knead the dough. Keep both dough and hand clean.
5, 3D foldable pocket
Our silicone food-safer bags are with 3D foldable pocket design. The pocket is retractable, provides extra storage space. When opening the bag, it is like a small box, can keep the cake and sandwich not be squashed and in good shape.
6, Leak-proof
The leak-proof silicone food bag is with a well-sealed design. So we can use silicone bags to store the liquid and also other foods in the freezer, keep liquid not leak, and food fresh.

We can use silicone store bags to bring a daily breakfast sandwich or other delicious snacks to work. And for weekend picnics, we can use the silicone food bags to bring tempting cookies, assorted nuts, and chopped fresh fruit. The silicone bags can keep food fresh, don’t afraid of extrusion, scattered, safe, and healthy. Just enjoy the picnic joy.

We have professional silicone factories, we can provide cost price, high quality, and excellent service. We have a strength engineer team and production department. We can provide one-stop OEM/ODM order demand. Welcome your requirements and orders.

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