Month: August 2020

Silicone bag Wholesale

Silicone bag description The silicone bags include silicone food bags and silicone normal storage bags. The silicone is waterproof, flexible and durable. Silicone food bags are made of food-grade silicone, they are safe to store food and liquid, such as juice, milk, soap, oil, jams, and so on. They have priorities as follows: Food-grade silicone, …

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silicone mat supplier

silicone mat description The silicone has inherent thermal stability (-40℃-230℃). Most household silicone mats are made of food-grade silicone for the kitchen use, they are suitable for different occasions. Such as silicone cup mat, silicone baking mat, silicone dinner mat, silicone kneading mat. Besides the kitchen, due to silicone has excellent flexibility, insulation, and good …

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